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4 definitions by Righetti

a common term in Fantasy Football circles, true definition is "Lets Talk Trade" but is often used to begin a negotionation
Otis, any interest in an LTT lunch
by Righetti March 03, 2005
slang for "you have been beaten", derived from the Silly Putty Sacks Fantasy Football Team.

a picture of a man suffering from Elephantitis is usually attached to the note.
to the owner of the Long Island Longhorns...."You've been Sacked"
by Righetti July 14, 2004
To leave without paying a check
Man you pulled a BillDavis on me last night, I got stuck with a $60 check at Coppersmiths
by Righetti July 14, 2004
A useful term which can be used when expressing displeasure in a present situation by placing blame on a past event regardless if that past event has a direct effect on the current predicament
I live on Long Island... thanks Keri-Ann.
by Righetti March 03, 2005