Slang for Lantana FL. A Small town south of west palm beach. It is located in between Lake Worth & Boynton Beach(two very bad cities), and has a high crime rate of its own. LTA is a term used by gangs and thugs in the area.
Man skrait posted, allll day, LTA fuck nigga. San Castle, North Broadway, 14th St Stand Up My Niggas
by FuxWitMe May 21, 2009
Top Definition
Love to all
eg 1: "Hey man thanks for the beer, LTA."
eg 2: "Oh wow, you went home with that chick? LTA."
by Pham PHISH July 07, 2014
Probably originated in internet chat rooms by morons with no lives. Stands for "Lets talk again" and considered very lame by most. Commonly used when signing off and mostly by those who rape the English language with excessive shorthand.
Cool Dude: "Alright, later man."
Lame raper: "lta"
Cool Dude: "WTF"
by Doobie Smokes You November 18, 2004
love to all usual used when talking to large groups of people.
GIRL1: bye gurls i (gtg) (ttyl)



by P0PS1CL3 October 01, 2010
An acronym for the spanish "La tenes adentro". Used a lot in Argentina
Boy: Vamos al boliche esta noche?.
Boy2: No puedo, tengo que trabajar.
Boy: Uhh LTA! (la tenes adentro)
by sebman June 14, 2016
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