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D-lysergic acid amide (Similar to LSD )

A hallucinogenic chemical found in natural plants such as Morning Glory seeds and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds

Very weak compared to LSD and produced closed eye visuals and a strong body high. Depending on the dosage LSA can produce hallucinations similar to a small dosage of LSD or Shoorms / Mushrooms that contain psilcybin, psilocin, or baeocystin.

If not prepared correctly LSA can cause severe stomach paints and nausea.

LSA should be prepared with baker’s chocolate for best results.

LSA Usually last for 6-12 hours depending on the dosage.

Average dosage:

Morning Glory = 300-600 Seeds ( size of poppy seeds )
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds = 5-9 ( size of nerd candy )
LSA gave me some visuals for a few hours.
by chuckthefuk January 17, 2006
A hallucinogenic chemical - D-lysergic acid amide. Similar to LSD.
Morning Glory seeds contain some good LSA.
by Will, ruler of them all. February 12, 2003
(d)-Lysergic acid amide (LSA) or ergine is a psychoactive compound structurally similar to (d)-Lysergic acid diethylamide or (LSD) however it is a much weaker hallucinogen. Pure or synthetic LSA is a controlled substance in most countries because it is so similar to LSD. However plants that contain LSA are uncontrolled. Seeds from a plant known as Morning Glory are psychoactive due to LSA. Other sources of LSA include Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.
I took some LSA and felt buzzy
by urmom121 September 25, 2009
ludacris service announcement
in the end of ludacris (Feat. T-Pain) - One More Drink in the video he says at the end this has been a l.s.a.
by tamirez January 16, 2009
L.S.A. stands for Light Skinned Association. It is a group founded by Big Lyte aka Dulce de Leche aka The daggum caramel of milk and Lite Skin aka Ballerific Bitch on Deck. The L.S.A. is known for hardcore partying, dunking on niggas, and just general FBGMing. Basically if you are a member of the L.S.A. Jesus and Chuck Norris are a step below you.....
Hoe 1: I got with this guy last nite he was in L.S.A......
Hoe 2: That automatically gets you heaven unless you kill more than 10 people
Hoe 1: That's what I heard
by THEBigBlackTrain February 28, 2011
Lobe Separation Angle.
The angle between the centerlines of two adjacent intake and exhaust cam lobes. lsa is measured in degrees.
The cc306 cam i just bought for my LT1 has an lsa of 112.
by heath lewis September 02, 2008
Noun, Acronym: LB Snot Appendage.
Wart-like appendage on finger resulting from the pouring of agar plates for bacterial culture.
Tammy attacked Rishi with her 3 inch long LSA.
by Bazjill84 June 14, 2007
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