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laughing rele (really) hard

used instead of lol or lots of lols, has more substance and can be used just once.
Guy #1: i was at the store the other day and this kid just comes up to me and yells GO GO POWER RANGERS
Guy#2: lrh
by theLOLer March 22, 2009
Scientologist shorthand for their fanatic, boy-touching scam artist of a messiah, L. Ron Hubbard.
Tom Cruise placed Baby Suri's crib in a shrine stacked with LRH memorabilia in the hopes that her Thetan would absorb his aura and as a means of protection against Xenu 's henchmen.
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. March 03, 2008
Lakewood Ranch Highschool. A Preppy School located in East Bradenton, Flordia. This school is best known for there bad football team and rich kids. Many people who attend this school have money and like to party.Recently this school has drawn media attention becasue of a coach,(Jones), who was sleeping with an underage girl.there was also a report that the discipline teacher was sexually harassing a young girl and then got public attention becasue the father of the girl came into the school and punched the teacher in the face. Overall this school looks and sounds like a bad school but is altogether an A school and a very good school to attend.
You know you go to LRHS when the fire alarm goes of on your last day of final exams.

You know you go to LRHS when your worried your car will get "da boot".
by LoveN June 05, 2007
A high school located in east Bradenton Florida. The football team is HORRIBLE as hell. Usually everyone that attends LRHS Roots for the other team.
LRHS kid: Hey wanna hear a joke?
LRHS kid #2: Sure
LRHS kid: Our football team.

LRHS kid: Who do we play this week?
LRHS kid #2: I think Manatee
LRHS kid: Yeah I hope they win.....
by Chris Dana November 08, 2008
"Laughing Rather Hard" short hand used in messaging.
Julie: Ah!

Jon: What?

Julie: My hand was cold, and it startled me!

Jon: lrh
by liondude July 10, 2010
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