1. n. refers to the all-male high school in the city of Los Angeles, CA, where various individuals, or "cool cats" as they choose to call themselves, learn and play

2. adj. when used by a female, this could indicate the following: that the individual in question lacks a certain maturity normally acquired by his age or that this individual to whom this term is applied probably went to loyola, as exhibited by his social attributes
1. When we go to the dance at Loyola tonight, let's avoid the pre-pubescent freshmen.

2. That jerk, who mooned me and then attempted to make-out with my best friend, is so Loyola.
by one who understands these things November 10, 2004
A high school located in Los Angeles. The school that all cool kids go to. The school that beats St. Francis in football and soccer and every other sport. Most kids who are not accepted at Loyola are not cool enough or are dumber then a rock and probably suck at life, so they go to St. Francis or Harvard Westlake where sucking dick and sucking at life are normal. St. Francis recently lost to Loyola in football because their kicker missed a 20-something yard kick to put the game into overtime because he was a little bitch. Loyola also has the best dances in which girls outnumber the guys 4 to 1. Most hott girls like Loyola Cubs and not St. Francis Jizz Javelins. St. Francis male students usually go on to live in San Francisco or move to Massachusetts where they marry each other
Most homos, raibow kissers, dumb shits, retards, phisically and mentally incapable people go to St. Francis. Most successful people probably went to Loyola.

Loyola is the best at all sports especially Football, Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Diving, Water Polo, Swimming, and Lacrosse(thats all the sports) and are way smarter then guys who go to St. Francis.
Loyola Senoir High school located in the heart of towson. The full boy school with the motto of "Men for Others" lives up to this simply homo erotic slogan. Most of the guys in the closet tend to hide behind the partly shaggy hair, the pink shirts, and leather lofers. If you do not own some form of SUV you are shot on location in the parking lot, and if no "loyola" or "roll dons roll" logo is placed on the rear window you are manditorily whipped infront of all to see. Your mom must drive a suburban and if you have a sister she must go to maryvale or NDP. Dating hold other guidlines including; must be anorexic, must tan daily, MUST attend private school or dad must make over 100,000 a year, ribbons must be worn and jewlery oversized. Kairos is just a big circle jerk of guys finding thier "inner selfs" or their roomies asshole. If you dont play a sport you are seen as a loser, and if you dont get into college you must be kicked out to local public schools (see Dulaney). Hence when you enter college (VT, MD, or JHU the only frat you allowed to join is one with other loyola boys. Get comfy because after you marry your NDP/MVP girlfriend the cycle begins again and you will liveout your only high school sports career through them.
Hey which one of those lacrosse teams is in the lead?
Loyola, but they got banned because the ran a drug test and they are all coke heads
by ahme April 23, 2005
The ghetto dorms of Gwynedd-Mercy College.
There's no hot water in the Loyola showers.
by Jen March 16, 2005
the pussy as school in towson, maryland. all the whiny bitches go there to whack off dudes. calvert hall guys always kick the asses of loyola guys
hott chick: what school do you go to?
loyola fag: loyola
hott chick: eww, go suck a cock, fag, i want some kick ass calvert hall kids
The best all boys' school in history. The boys are the hottest guys on the face of the earth. Their "sister school" is Notre Dame Preparatory School (NDP). Both of the schools are located in Maryland.

But remember, LOYOLA GUYS ARE HOT!!
The 6th grade Loyola students are so hot.
loyola is a shitty school, almost as bad as LCC and definetly mush worse then Selwyn House.
My ass city champs in almost every sport, selwyn takes football every year loyola is gay!
Man loyola got crushed by selwyn yesterday!

Man Loyola kids are dumb!
by anonymous December 11, 2004

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