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town in Pennsylvania that has absolutely nothing to do other than hang out at sheetz and drive the circuit that really isnt a circuit at all; where all the cool kids hang out...doing absolutely nothing
P1: "Hey I'm from Loyalsock!"
P2: "That sucks, but atleast you have Sheetz and the circuit. I'm from Montoursville and all i do is sit on my ass and do heroin."
by Draw Bizzle January 16, 2005
n. small Pennsylvania town adjacent to Williamsport, known for its lack of anything original, exciting, or unique; hometown of Alex Roche
Person 1: Excuse me, what year is it?
Person 2: I don't know, I'm from Loyalsock.
by Dick Canary December 16, 2004
a town, although lacking any personality, that is superior to all that surround it
"Hey, I'm from Loyalsock." "Oh, that sucks, but at least you're not from Montoursville"
by Joe Godfather January 10, 2005