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welsh princess, beautiful in every sense, big baby blues, rock chic. boys want her, the girls who don't want her want to be her. If you get this girl your in heaven when your with her and hell when your not, too many fuckers trying to get on her. If they say they dont want her, watch um they lie. you won't sleep a wink for one reason or another ;)
by geordieboynew May 02, 2009
Lowri is the most genuine,beautiful,trustworthy person you could ever meet. As soon as you meet her you'd think 'bitch',because shes so gorgeous, get to know her and your just outstanded by how much of a good friend she is,shes beautiful inside and out.
emily; hey have you seen the new girl lowri
jenna; yes she is beauitful

emily; not a slag i can tell you that!!!!
by reanna jenna November 16, 2011
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