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To conduct affairs with a low profile, generally to avoid being noticed.
1)Let's keep it lowpro. 2)We can pull this off if we keep it lowpro. 3) I like to travel lowpro.
by Daniel Torpey December 10, 2005
Low-profile wheels (package consisting of rim and tire); usually a minimum of 20 inches in diameter. Vastly used to personalize ones vehicle.
"Dayum! That 'Pala gots some phat-ass low-pros, yo!"
by iAre October 05, 2007
Short version of "low profile," commonly describes low profile tires. Low profile tires have a small sidwall, and are fashinable/required for the large wheels popular today
My 22's are sittin on lowpros
by RyanVan December 13, 2005

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