1. showing unconditional love for all things, even in the face of hate, for the recognition that all, even hate, is born of love; hence we are all love, and a lover embraces all love.

2. A being that lives to connect with the love inherent to all life.

3. A being that lives to love, not hate, and even embraces hate as love.

4. A person who unconditionally finds and connects with the love inherent to everything, no matter what.
1. Great lovers in history include: Ghandi, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Theresa, Rumi,

2. One who unconditionally finds the "needle" of love even in a "haystack" of hate.

3. Antonym: Opposite of "Hater"-one who finds the "needle" to hate even in a "haystack" of love.
by MadamEve June 20, 2014
Someone who you don't them mind jumping on you and/or who doesn't mind you jumping on them
This girl I'm having sex with, she's my lover
by captian capable December 08, 2012
The one given your personal allowance to kindly stomp over your spleen and kiss it better.
The hard-hearted lover.
by LillyAnn September 08, 2010
The most awesome last name ever! It means lions in Norwegian!
Im a Løver, multiple lions in one person!
by Member of the Lions September 13, 2013
Fuckbuddy with an emotional complex towards you, often portraying flaws of a "wife" or "husband", the level that comes after lover.
Bob:"After we fucked for three times, she started acting like she was my lover or something."
Bib:"....You're married."
Bob:"Yeah, that's the part that made it suck."
by Prez March 22, 2004
when you claim to be just friends but really everybody knows that that would probably be the farthest thing that you guy are "just"
-SEXUAL relationship
"u guys! hes just my friend" *thinking in head* yeah right we are. i wanna hop his bones right now.
by Sue Johanson March 20, 2005
to love someone
to have a feeling of love for somebody of the opposite sex OR the same sex...

i am your lover, foreverrr and always ! yes i love you, my lover
by wewe123 November 22, 2005

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