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a polite term for a sexbot

1. a sexbot that someone has fallen in love with

2. a sexbot specifically designed for humans to fall in love with

3. a fuckbot you make love to

4. how you describe your new Robovenus to the rest of the family

5. the trademark of a limited edition bot made in 2012 which was programmed more for companionship and conversation than sex; discontinued the following year

not to be confused with the Love Boat, a quasi-amusing TV show back in the pre-net days which starred actors and actresses sliding down to C-list status (but before they hit Hollywood Squares bottom)
"The next sexbot I buy, I hope I can afford one of those hot new foreign bots... maybe that sleek BMW lovebot with the level-5 AI, or maybe one of those new Mercedes models they're making in France."

"What about a Saab lovebot? I hear those Swedish models are hot! And they cry real tears!"

"Oh yeah! I just don't wanna buy another American-made model, like GE or Whirlpool... they fuck ok, but they're so blah otherwise."

"What about that new Japanese/Korean lovebot, the LG-12?"

"Hey man, I'm no perv!"
#lovebot #love #bot #sexbot #sex
by dsimms January 26, 2008
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