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When you do love someone, sometimes you say you don't, because you're playing hard to get, playing a game. You're playing love games.
Drinking Baileys from a shoe and going to clubs where people wee on each other are examples of love games.
by Papa Moon May 12, 2007
A song by Lady Gaga
Also the act of using someone for sex and not being emotionally attached. Most people call this being Fuck buddies, Not String Attached, or Friends with benefits... To play with peoples feelings and emotions while you aren't emotionally involved using them sex and/or money.
Darrah:That asshole only wants sex and he already has a girlfriend!

Lisa: Dumb bitch he playing you. Y'all in a lovegame.
by Dare Bare 08 February 01, 2009
1.A very good ssongg by Lady GaGa.
2.Hot sex.

LADY GAGA-Love Games
by JanisA August 25, 2008
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