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1.A very good ssongg by Lady GaGa.
2.Hot sex.

LADY GAGA-Love Games
by JanisA August 25, 2008
the kind of fart and old dog,cat,fart,or just old person makes
Ashley-Eww what did you do?!?
Erin-oh my god ewww
Janis-Haha eww
by JanisA April 05, 2008
Girl Like us is used in "The Clique" Novel series originaly by kristen,Massie,Alicia,and Dylan. The word was crated by Kristen.
Kristen: Ughh yeah she is def. not a GLU
Kristen:New Phrase
Krsten:Girl Like Us
Dylan: Love it
by JanisA February 02, 2008

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