The sweet girl-next-door born in Mexico, and currently located in California. Her tequila brings all the boys (and sometimes girls) to the yard. Having graced many online forums she has become a well known character, across the interwebs. Likened to Francine from Arthur, she has a cute and sassy attitude. She always has a nice thing to say about everyone, and no matter what she always has a smile on her face.

See also: Hatebullets, Jinxieminx
''D'aww Lovebullets is so adorable.''
by Jinxieminx May 02, 2010
Top Definition
Another term for a man's cum.
I love you so much babygirl, I just want to shoot you full of my love bullets. Bang bang.
by Oh, you didn't know? August 17, 2008
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