Love is the ability of two total strangers to be able to throw down, rip each others clothes off, teach each other dirty things they've never heard of, wake up the next morning, say goodbye, and do it all again the next night because they are really close friends who don't want to get hurt.

True love is where two strangers can look at each other before talking and at least have the notion of "I could fall in love with this person." But if they don't both think of it the love can never be true. One person can pine all their lives for the one that they saw before any one else but if the person they saw didn't notice them first, nothing matters. You have to move on and it's possible.
1.) "We were in some hard fuckin' love last night, all night and twice in the shower this morning. Once in my pool this afternoon and we'll be at it again in the hot tub tonight."

"Yeah, so was I, with her. Your friend is in love with alot of people!"

"I know, but she loves me the most"

2.) Guy: "You don't love me."
Girl: "Yes I do"
Guy: "No, you saw him first. You thought it was him. I knew it was you, you stupid bitch get out of here so I can love (1) your best friend!"
by vini m July 28, 2006
it like a party your walking by in the rain that your not invited to and you want get in. When you are in love you want to get out because you want to visit other parties
Man i need to get out of this shit love is shit
by Huntdogg March 14, 2006
the most amazing feeling in the world.CANNOT be recreated by chocolate!!! when you miss someone so much you can barely keep from calling them alot
no one in hollywood!
8th grade sweethearts

i love you more than anything in the world. You are my world
by Hinata228 July 11, 2009
Getting oral sex from another person.
Blink-182 Mark, Tom, and Travis Show
Mark: Do you know what the best part about falling in love is?
Tom: Sex?
Mark: Yes, oral sex.
by KlocKWorK January 03, 2008
the result of KISMET; brought together by kismet
Scott and Jen define what love is.
by BFF # 2 October 26, 2006
somthing not easily described, but u will no the feeling when it happens. U'll be happy even when you just seeing them. I love you is used wrongly, it isnt just for sex, you have to mean it. Meetin your true love will make you forever happy, talkin to her is one of things you look forward to, and you'll want to keep whoever it is happy, even if in the end you dont end of with them. You must love them enough to let go.
Boy: I love you baby.
Girl: I love you too
Boy: forever and always.
Girl: Promise
by the great foy May 09, 2009
true definition of LOVE......


love = if its sex....its love......=]
by Chocolate city boi - c fresh July 10, 2008

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