Love has no definition.
You cant truly explain or describe it.
Its the thing were all looking for and all need.
And its the thing that when you lose it you never forget that loss.
Love = The smile you get when you think about someone.
The feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see them.
by Just_A_Person April 28, 2012
Chemical reactions in our body that make us procreate so that the human population can be maintained. The love most people witness and hear about on television shows and music is just a myth and is something that cannot last long in the real world.
Guy 1: I think I'm in love with Sandy.

Guy2: No you're not. You just wanna fuck her.
by Striker122 June 22, 2009
To be terse, love is just a fancy euphemism for a barbaric mating ritual.
primate in love: Ooonga-turrnga!
by Plangent-Wormgears June 19, 2009
love is when you like someone so much that you get butterflies when you talk to them or hear their voice. its when you know deep inside that you need them forever. love also destroys you because when the one you love leaves you your whole life shatters and you cant go to sleep or talk without bursting into tears.
Boy : You are mine forever and i never ever want to lose you.
Girl : I love you.
by ffrancescaaaa May 18, 2009
The Result of a chemical reaction and an electric impulse that was so intense and bewildering to mankind that we named it. but it is so overwhelmingly powerful that not only did we give it a name but we attributed it to dieties and mythilogical beings.
I am stricken with love. Cupid's arrow struck true.
by Daitatsu May 12, 2009
just an excuse for sex
guy to a girl= oh dear i love u so much
girl=oh really dear... fucks her nicely and.....
guy =take your leg off from me bitch..
by shaitaan-the lord of all devil April 25, 2009
One of the most confusing yet amazing feelings you will have in your life. You feel as if your chest will burst when the person you love says "I love you". You think about that person all the time in all the things you do and only want that person to be happy even if you have to sacrifice to make it happen. You have full trust in them and would do anything or go anywhere to be with them. You feel light and find yourself smiling more often. Love is the ultimate high you can get.
I love you kitten
by Irish teddy bear April 01, 2009
A disease that spreads faster than fireworks on the 4th of July. The effects of this disease are what you make it, but there is no cure.
Person 1:Hey man, I think I love this girl
Person 2:That's not good, you're in for some serious shit!
by Tsukuri March 22, 2009

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