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An idiomatic phrase referring to a newly found affection toward a person that could lead to true love.
She grew a love tumor just meeting him for the first time
by William Dexter April 15, 2010
A girl who clings to their significant other, and when the other is not around them, they undergo a horrible transformation in attitude, resembling a state of constant PMS, torturing anyone within a fifty-foot radius.
Betty: Jesus fucking Christ, Nick, you asshole, you fucking spilled my coke all over the floor god damn it.
Nick: Her boyfriend leaves for five minutes and she loses her shit almost instantly, this is another sad but tragic case of Love Tumors.
by CoCo The Invisible Squid June 07, 2011
When you love someone a so much it cause them to grow a tumor and then leads to their slow painful death.
Girl: I love you so much ::cuddle::
Guy: Stupid hoe!
Girl: WHAT!?!
Guy: You Gave me a love tumor!!
Girl: NOOOO!!!
Guy: *dead*
by Muffin_Of_Doom December 20, 2007

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