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a complicated four way affair involving two guys and two girls
pair 1, pair 2
the woman from pair one is cheating on her man with the man from pair two and
the woman from pair two is cheating on her man with the man from pair one, vice versa
person 1: man this love square is complicted help me
person 2: it involves amy and josh, and jack and katie, jacks had sex with amy and joshs had sex with katie
person 1: cheers i needed to know that
When four people are involved romantically in some fashion, either each with each other consensually, or in some kind of complicated mess (ex. girl 1 likes guy 1, guy 1 likes guy 2, guy 2 likes girl 2, girl 2 likes girl 1).
Score, love square!
by Korsent May 04, 2011
Involves one girl who has a crush on all three guys. Vice Versa.
"Theresa, which of the three guys in your love square are you hanging out with today?!"
by jdsflsjd February 01, 2009
When a married women is not only screwing her lover, but another guy on the side. Or, one chick is screwing three different guys at once with or without everyone knowing it.
I found out my lover is not just playing her husband, but playing me too with another guy. Instead of a love triangle, it's a love square. Man, what a slut.
by terwiltonglenda June 04, 2009
A Love Square is a group of friends laying on eachothers stomachs froming a square. for ex.
Michelle Lays on mikes stomach.
Mike lays on leahs stomach.
Leah lays on lawrences stomach.
Lawrence lays on michelles stomach.

Thus Making a FRIENDLY Love Square.
by No Flippin Way. July 08, 2006

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