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in reference to the clitoris, often times referred to as the happy maker, or orgasm-switch, girls like to touch there, and have it licked.
Slam my stinktube while you push my love button!
by Assmoter December 20, 2004
I wanna kiss your love button while I slowly probe my fingers deeper and deeper inside your love box.
by joepetersiii November 01, 2003
Also known as a clitoris.
My girlfriend laughs when I push her love button!

If you push it enough times, you get a prize!
by we found a problem October 07, 2007
the clitoris or the spot at the top of the pussy lips
i made her cum hard when i took her lovebutton in my mouth and tonguewhipped it
by jimmyspliff October 09, 2007
clitoris, especially a prominent, erect one
The first time I went down on her I was surprised to find her love button was like a 1" penis
by Jake March 24, 2004