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in reference to the clitoris, often times referred to as the happy maker, or orgasm-switch, girls like to touch there, and have it licked.
Slam my stinktube while you push my love button!
by Assmoter December 20, 2004
often used in reference to the vagina, however good vaginas don't stink, they are actually good smelling in nature, and quite tasty i might add.
Her stinktube was off the chain! yo!
by Assmoter December 20, 2004
1: Used for depositing and defecation of waste.
2: Used by the gay man for sexual desires and carnal pleasures. See also brown eye.
Slam it in my poopshute meatball!
by Assmoter December 22, 2004
When the male sex, tucks his penial organ between his legs and proceeds to moon someone.
He gave me a tiny fruit basket for Christmas
by Assmoter December 22, 2004
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