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slang for gun, slang for strong weed, a gun with a very loud bang, good weed
yo man I need a $20 bag of that loudpack

yo did you hear what happened to that kid around the way? niggas dumped on him with the loudpack
by LoudPack Militia October 22, 2010
25 64
A strong smelling bag of marijuana.
I'm smoking on that that loud pack.
by Bigg Ecco May 04, 2009
982 180
A bag of very very strong smelling Kush (type of marijuana),that is sooo loud it overpowers every scent.
Smoking on this loud pack.
Bout to fire up this loud pack
by $exyRAyRay May 13, 2010
676 330
A term usually used to describe high-quality marijuana that one may be carrying or sells. Of East Atlanta origin.
"Ay bro, who you say dat was dat had dat loudpack?"

"We comin thru, and we bringin da loudpack"
by djluminus89 April 16, 2010
86 33
A Bag of very strong Cocaine
Jimmy's spun out on that loud pack again
by r0Bellz November 16, 2009
113 932