Strong weed or exotic weed (A1 Ass weed)Bud is weed. That killa is loud.
I got that Loud on deck .
by BIG FISHSCALE TUNA BOI November 26, 2014
the letters "l" and "o" from the word loud look like the letter "b" - the word loud looks like the word bud, which is a slang for marijuana
bruh lemme get some of that loud
*bruh takes out marijuana*
by yungp March 26, 2014
Another name for sour diesel marijuana. Good and strong weed. Smells so good.
Yoo come thru I got a L of sum loud on deck
by CashhGunna October 29, 2011
1. Sound characterized by high volume and intensity.
2. Producing sound of high volume and intensity.
3. Insistent.
4. Having extremely bright colors
5. Offensive in manner.
My subwoofer is so loud - it goes up to 11!

Paco's shirt is extremely loud; I didn't know that there are that many shades of orange!
by adamisaspaz March 04, 2003
very bright colors
did you see what Jasmine was wearing today? her outfit was loud
by STUD22 October 13, 2009
Adj: A term used when someone is an extreme eye sore, low in class, or has horrible tastes.
Man, I used to kick it with him, until he got all loud.
by Vanessa Justice March 12, 2011
Loud (slang) used to describe something cool, said with a certain emphasis on the word 'loud'. Although it is often used in the world of music the term 'loud' does not always refer to volume.
"That party was loud!"
"That band are totally loud!"
by Su-chan February 19, 2008

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