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best fuckin genesis game ever
A really good game made by Yuji Naka and its really good.
by zxcv April 19, 2005
An 80's hair metal band that are still alive and kicking today. They have changed their line up thoughout the years, but have reformed with their original line up. Their newest CD (made in 2004) is called Racing, and it is more thrash metal mixed with their 80's metal. One of the best things that came out Japan.
Loudness...Rock Shocking your fucking mind, motherfuckers!
by zxcv March 19, 2005
One of the coolest games for Nintendo 64. Its an RPG/fighting game where your in an underground secret lab filled with mutants and you go around beating the crap out of them. It has some of the best graphics on N64. Go get it!
Hybrid Heaven- get it now
by zxcv June 25, 2005
by zxcv May 17, 2003
One of the worst bands ever created. They sold out and became fags. Their music was 100x better when they were goths who lick each other on stage
some goth kid: I like AFI!
Person who likes REAl music: shoves the goth to the ground and kicks him in the gut*
by zxcv June 23, 2005

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