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High quality of Marijuana , VERY good weed .
Miguel : You got any ?
Michelle : Yeah , i got some Loud !
by PrincessDopey<3 October 30, 2011
530 443
A slang term for marijuana of high quality. The word was originated in the eastside of Atlanta, zone 6.
"Man we blew a whole pack of loud last night dog"

"If you're lookin' for me just sniff you can find me where that loud at"

"I bought a elbow of loud for four bills"
by King Diop April 09, 2008
1960 865
very strong, good weed.
I'm filling my blunt with some loud.
by kysmokey December 23, 2010
754 595
To be incoherent, accompanied with slurring and incomprehensible mumbling
“Josh is Lou'd out of his mind this morning, and its only Tuesday!”
by The Angry Wolf June 25, 2009
70 40
Pawning off your work onto co-workers while getting paid in full during your absence.
Scott got Lou'd at the office last week. He stayed an hour after quitting time to complete someone else's work
by Cat Cracker June 23, 2009
57 48
A prank in which someone informs an undesirable acquaintance about a party to which he is not invited.
"How was the party last night man?"
"It was cool until about 10 o'clock, I think Sam lou'd us, because fucking Michael showed up."
by thatbitchgotloud February 07, 2010
21 19
to be negatively or uncomfortably affected by the unnessasry, thoughtless or otherwise unexplainable actions of another person, generally a native of the greater St. Louis area.
"Why did that person just speed past me in the left lane, only to get in front of me and slow down to get in the right lane"?

"Dude, you've been Lou'd"!
by Facehead12 November 18, 2010
13 11