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A semi-sarcastic way of admitting that you did something in excess
Question: "Dude, did you get hella drunk last night?"

Answer: "Lil bit. Well, lot bit actually."
by 7th Floor Whitney Hall August 21, 2006
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When something is "a lot" and "a bit" at the same time.

The term "lotbit" was created by accident, when two young lovers in the early stages of their relationship were wanting to express how much they missed each other, without sounding too keen/corny.

Hence - "I miss you a lot...a bit...I miss you a lotbit" - was born.
"I miss you lotbits"

"I love you. Lotbits"
by mishkapup March 30, 2008
When two people met at the library one summer days and from then on realised how much they loved eachother. A lot.
I love you a lotbit
by k1721 September 12, 2012

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