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Something Worthy of praise
Where'd you get them new birkenstocks? they're pretty losh
by Jon Himself March 13, 2003
Losh= Laughing oh so hard
Losvh= Laughing oh so very hard

Losh was made up by R.K. and A.B. when they were in the 5th grade and has spread in New York, California, Florida, and many other states. It has also spread to some parts of England and Italy. It was intended to be an internet word (not to be said offline).
PersonS/N1: Omg it was sooo funny!
PersonS/N3: LOSVH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by R.K. July 21, 2004
1. Referring to a man's penis.

2. A derogatory term used to insult or belittle someone, along the lines of loser, idiot, or moron.
Mikey, you almost touched my losh, keep your hands away from me!

Dean never comes and hangs out, he is such a losh!

Come on losh, hurry up!
by Outlaw2005 November 14, 2006
Anything, and Everying.

Also a nickname that IIIII made up for my friend Alannah.
i am so loshhin
by LindseyMarter March 14, 2010
Keep drinking ur bottle water..
R.K. likes drinking bottle water...
by LOL January 09, 2005
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