In an Ambien induced state in which a person voices ideas and opinions with no filter.
I told him I'm not gay but I'd totally do him. I think I took an Ambien that night, I must have been lorny.
by AmbienAddict August 10, 2010
Top Definition
The combination of simultaneously being both lonely and horny.
"Ever since I moved to this new town I have been so Lorny. I have not got laid in three months and I don't know anyone."
by willy dilly July 26, 2007


1) a state of mind or time of life where both horniness and loneliness are present, interdependently influencing one another, inflicting strong emotions, and fueling spontaneous, irrational decisions (made dramatically stronger by consumption of alcohol)

2) a sickness that befalls humans during cuddle season (aprox. November through March)
His decision to sleep with her was influenced more by his lorny state than by any real attraction to her.

"Babe, I'm so lorny."
by lKub December 04, 2013
1. The combination of simultaneously being both being in love along with being horny with your partner.
My girlfriend and I are so lorny now days. Everyone is becoming jealous of us. They always want to overhear our lorny conversations.
by DemonOfLove26 January 01, 2009
Someone who is turned on my lego or sexually attracted to lego
I can't go in the lego section I'm lorny
by Legolover April 16, 2015
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