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Normally people found in high schools during lunch,
they stand with a group of friends pretending that they're "hanging with them" while in reality they aren't saying anything and add nothing to everybody else's fun. They most likely don't have any real friends to hang out with.

Another variety of loose change is rolling change, where a group of friends are walking and the loose change is following behind them.
During the first week of high school, I was loose change to the football team.

"Dude, look at William.....he's just rolling change to those gangsters walking around the South gym"
by gr33kbo1 February 23, 2010
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dude its a video that shows how fucked up bush and his government butt agents
go to youtube.com and type in loose change and see why george bush blew up the twin towers and since he was racist blamed arabs
loose change isa video not coins
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
225 250
A controversial online video that provides evidence and eye-witness testimonials to suggest that the bombing of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were not the fault of Usama Bin Laden, but instead that of the United States under the Bush Administration. It has earned wide reputation (both good and bad) online and continues to increase to this day despite sever criticism (ie: Maddox on The Best Page in the Universe). While Loose Change may seem a bit, well, "loose" on some of its facts, it's a very well crafted video and a good alternative view to the 9/11 tragedy
www.oneworld.co.nr supports the right to freedom of speech exercised in Loose Change
by Dream Anderson June 15, 2007
68 94
An amatuer video distributed over the internet devoid of fact, logic and scientific credibility. The makers claim, without supporting proof, that a secret group within the US government faked the attacks of 9-11. Among the absurd, unsubstantiated claims made by Loose Change are; United Flight 93 landed in Cleveland and had the passengers offloaded and subsequently spirited away, two real jets were used to attack the WTC but a fake jet was used to attack the Pentagon, more than half the worlds gold reserves were stolen from the WTC during the attacks, the WTC twin towers along with WTC7 were destroyed in a controlled demolition several times larger than the biggest controlled demolition in history without anyone noticing the YEARS of preperation work the task would have needed, high ranking officers of the New York Fire Department turned a blind eye to the murder of 300 of thier comrades to participate in a multi-billion dollar insurance scam.
Loose Change is the Mien Kampf of the internet age.
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a movie made by people with no lives who try to make shit up about the USA who dont actually know anything
loose change is the worst movie in the world
by boarder331 September 12, 2006
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Paranoia and total bullshit
That's just a bunch of loose change, you're being insecure!
by MrThreePercent September 12, 2010
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