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1)The plane on 9/11 that was hijacked but overtaken by passengers on board. Also subject to conspiracy because there was no evidence of the plane on the crash site (which goes for all 9/11 crashes)

2)A movie released on April 28 2006 which follows events that took place in United Flight 93 on September 11.
40 people died on United Flight 93.
by Hamper April 30, 2006

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The fourth hijacked plane of the September 11th attacks, which was planned to be crashed into either the Capitol building or the White House. This was prevented by the crew, who fought back against the hijackers, causing it to crash in a rural area of Pennsylvania.
The people from United Flight 93 deserve a memorial more than most, because they prevented a plane from crashing into the capitol or the White House.
by Azmera September 17, 2010