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A vagina with loose labia that resemble meat in color and texture. Typically roast beef and ham.
She has sex with alot of people. I bet people get lost in her loose meat sandwich!
by Bill Transue May 06, 2006
A pussy with huge flabby lips that engulf your dick even before you dive into the hole.
Sexy to watch your dick go in and out of that flabby lipped snatch while you fuck.
Also makes pussy lickin alot more fun!
Can I dig into that loose meat sandwich you twat?!
by a1tim January 12, 2011
A 3 way involving fat people. No penetration takes place due to inverted dicks. Sometimes a roll of skin gets a little extra play and 2 pounds of butter is a must
Last night I walked in on a loose meat sandwich and threw up.
by dirtymind 92 September 28, 2013
If you are one of those guys who likes to pleasure himself using comestibles of the meaty variety,then you would no doubt use a 'loose meat sandwich'...
i like to jerk of inside a loose meat sandwich.
by nimajneb tsrohnedab May 12, 2006