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A person from the lower peninsula, Michigan.
-Eh der--is Jerry a yooper or a looper, eh?

He's a looper, dontcha know.

by Beefy C October 08, 2013
1. That guy whos creeps in the city of ember
2. Someone who is a creeper
Wow! stop acting Looper Tucker!
by Kokulnut December 01, 2011
A person who has to have the last post, or word. If two or more Looper's meet, they both want the last post, or word. This causes a loop.
I want the last word or post because I am a Looper.
by MindBodySoul July 27, 2012
A guy who like fat chicks. He's likes to slap that ass and ride the wave!
looper like fat chicks
by brown stain 444 November 24, 2010
an act of oral sex givin to a man while he is in the bathroom, deficating
man #1: Anne gave me an amazing looper last night
man #2: Yeah, I heard shes good at those
by Jade Dirka February 27, 2008
The act in which a woman's vagina is eaten out. Can also be known as a Rim Job.
Nick gave Mary a great looper after prom! And Keith gave Sarah one in the next room over.
by Conan the Gass August 14, 2005