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Somebody who doesn't like being pushed to the limit. Who can keep her head up, even when you push her down to the core. Holley is not easily broken.
"Holley is just another person, but she doesn't care."
by Ukew April 26, 2009
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A word used to describe a beautiful and bright being.
usally linked to a girl of average height with forever changing hair and green eyes.

Symptoms of being a Holley:
- excessive loudness (no volume control)
- sometimes lives in a fantasy world- believes herself to be a princess
- Tendency to dress in tight clothing
- Has a black women bum
- likes to be liked & loves the people closest to her dearly

Other attributes of a Holley:
- Hardworking, motivated and ambitious
- Creative, artistic and emotive
- romantic, confident and passionate

Some may refer to as Slag/Whore/Loose/'cock on the brain', this in fact can be rather incorrect as it is down to a 'holley' being nothing more than a kinky being!

Most importantly; Holley is another way to explain a 'blonde moment'
SCENARIO: someone looses their mobile, cannot remember where they left it, moments later, find it in their fridge.
" oh my god! that was so holley of me!"
by Theoneandonlyy August 24, 2009
Outgoing and Loveable person. Caring a generous. Spontaneous.Can be a bitch, and often misinterpreted.
I saw Holley at the party yesterday and I couldent help but enjoy myself.
by HolleyMarie June 20, 2008
holley is use to decribe a person who drinks to much goon or always drinks goon as it is cheap
oh man i did a holley on the week end

gezz that person is such a holley

oi i so am going to do a holley this week end
by funnystuff01 February 13, 2010
a second-rate aftermarket manufacturer compared to Edelbrock.
Damn! that 600cfm Edelbrock carb kicked my Holley 1125 carbs ass!
by James Lowe June 12, 2005

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