Word Used to Degrade one's performance and usually make the other person feel bad.
John: I just won the lottery
Dave: Well Look at Me!!
by KA August 28, 2003
Top Definition
Phrase you yell when you pants someone in a public place, preferably a mall. People will look, guaranteed. It's even funnier if you push the person down and run away.
After you pants someone, push them down, yell "look at me!" and run away.
by TUDE August 08, 2006
Common thing said or yelled to get someone's attention. The next to last resort after flashing somebody.
Look at me! I'm flyyyyyyyyyyying!!
by Sewer Mutant October 23, 2005
Something someone (in most cases not attractive) may wear to draw attention to her/himself.
Friend 1: What is up with that metallic shirt so-and-so is wearing?
Friend 2: It's a look-at-me!
by 109ratiugria April 02, 2010
A phrase used when with a beautiful girl and you want to kiss her. To use the phrase simply tell her "Look at me" or text it to her to catch her off guard.
I was with Olga last night and I told her to Look at me. Then we started kissing.
by l00katme1234 April 21, 2011
Phrase used by men who piss on old women
Look at me!
by hahaha July 22, 2003
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