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The ugliest girl in a group of girls that are out. Her friends will not even think of leaving her unless they know she is getting action herself. Therefore, someone in your group of friends sacrifies himself by hooking up with the grenade in order for the rest to have a chance of having sex with the hot girls. More often than not, the grenade jumper gets laid and the rest end up jacking off.
It is good and honorable to jump on the grenade in order to save the platoon. Plus, you will probably get laid while the rest will not.
#grenade #hook up #friends #save #laid
by TUDE August 07, 2006
One of the most common phrases you will hear in a gangster rap album.
When Eazy E was alive, he said "suck my dick" a lot.
#rap #phrases #nwa #dick #suck
by TUDE August 07, 2006
A girl who is stuck up and a goody two shoes and thinks everything is childish. She believes she is better than others, which is reflected in her attitudes and actions. Girls generally start qualifying for this label around middle school. Some grow out of it, but others retain the label even in adulthood.
"When did Jenny turn into a Miss Priss?"

"That woman is such a Miss Priss. It is annoying to be around her."
#bitch #priss #prissy #annoying #stuck up
by Tude August 08, 2006
Describes a female whose pussy bubbles out right below their belt line. She would somewhat resemble a weeble. The female is overweight in general, but the major girth is below the belt. They like to shop at Wal-Mart so they can utilize their motorized carts. When they sit, it provides a pseudo table where they can sit a bag of chips and a drink.
It is very rare to see a Bubble Puss dancing because they are usually too sad or they do not want to set down their junk food.
#bubble #pussy #puss #fat #junk food
by Tude August 16, 2006
Phrase you yell when you pants someone in a public place, preferably a mall. People will look, guaranteed. It's even funnier if you push the person down and run away.
After you pants someone, push them down, yell "look at me!" and run away.
#pants #embarrass #friend #push #yell
by TUDE August 08, 2006
Someone who usually shows up when I am drunk. He makes my life miserable.
"Who came home and pissed all over the floor?"
"Mister Nobody did."
"Well, who shit in the sink?"
"Mister Nobody did that too."
#drunk #obnoxious #messy #secret #alter ego
by TUDE August 07, 2006
A harshly given wedgie where one person grabs the back of the victim's underwear and one person grabs the front of the victim's underwear. They then proceed to yank back and forth with great force until the taint is rubbed raw.
Joe kept smarting off, so we gave him a lumberjack to shut him up.
#ass #rubbing #wedgie #taint #painful
by Tude November 28, 2006
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