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To stare at something when you should naturally look quickly away from.

Comes from the saying "took advantage"
some girl1: "I was getting changed and was completely nude when some guy walked in on me"

some girl2:did he look advantage of you?

some girl1: yes, he stared at me, didnt saying the whole time and wouldnt stop even after I covered up!
by some person August 01, 2004
to look at something you should be looking at...NATURALLY. Quit victimizing yourself, women, it benefits no one. In nature, a man would look at a naked woman. Naturally, a man would look at a naked woman. You want men looking away as if you're ugly or something?
I saw that hot girl with her thong so me and my friends got a good look in. She walked by and we had an interesting convo that lead to a more interesting night. Her jealous friends said that I took a look advantage at her thong.
by yonbergo February 21, 2005