Top Definition
Lame. Stupid. Wack. The opposite of cool. (Pronounced the same as Luke.)
These other definitions of looc are mad looc, yo.

My baby daddy jus aksed to borrow money to pay da rent. Das looc.
by Geoker December 07, 2009
The opposite of cool.
Daseul thinks she is so cool and funny but really she is looc.
by 1287485003918 December 12, 2013
A small, demon like creature, yet furry.
Look, its LooC, cute!
by VirianFlux January 07, 2005
A small gnome-like creature, defined by it's state of arty-fartyness and obscure emo display names.
A LooC;
There is LooC;
"What is that biting my ankles? Oh its LooC *kick* "
by Stu January 31, 2005
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