A very close mimic to the sport of skateboarding, made for losers who never managed to learn an ollie within a week, so they decided to retreat to longboarding. This so-called sport allows 14-year-old wannabe-skaters to claim they skate, but disappoint everybody when seen in public with a longboard. On a longboard, there are not so many tricks, and tricks have little to no use. All parts of the board (Wheels, deck, trucks) are oversized, making the board almost useless, and considered stupid by many.
Many people quit skateboarding and pick up a longboard because they fail so hard and know it would be embarrassing, so as an excuse for not knowing tricks, pussy teenage "skaters" they ride around on a longboard. True skaters and such consider longboarders "Gay-ass faggots who have no life and eat dick for a living" (true story).
Jacob: My name is Jacob, and I love skateboarding!
Abdi: Really? I had no idea!

*later that day*

Abdi: Where's your skateboard?
Jacob: This is it! *holds up longboard*
Abdi: That's a longboard, you fucking dumbass. Longboarding is different from skating.
Jacob: No, it's a skateboard, and I'm good at it!
Senor Chang: Hah, GAYYYY!
by number9001yo April 25, 2013
1. (Fag-longboarding)The act of riding upon a long, flat board with large wheels designed for a longer distance per revolution. Longboarding is considered extremely gay/faggish by the skateboarding community. A longboard is often combined with an off kilter hat, flip flops or "skate" shoes from a local sports equipment provider, and vibrantly colored boardshorts, no matter the season. Typical longboarders are 10-14 years of age, just entering the "annoying and gay" phase of puberty. They will continually recollect with to others with ridiculous exaggeration regarding the large hills they have bombed and how steezy, gnarly, or radical it was. These longboarders travel in groups of 3-5 children with which to share their gnarly hill shredding experiences with during which they travel estimably 3 miles per hour down a gradual decline, and once the bottom is reached they pick their longboards up and walk to the top of the hill.

2. (longboarding) Once a proper longboard tuck is achieved, the rider can achieve great speeds and the act of longboarding is then deemed awesome. It is quite easy to discern fag-longboarding from longboarding.
"I used to think Jim was cool, but then he started longboarding. Now I've come to realize he's a queer."
by Awesomeraptor April 01, 2011
An innuendo for sex.
We were longboarding in your basement.
by Geoffry69 May 21, 2013
An excuse for people who cant skateboard. People get longboards cuz they tried skateboarding and fell on their asses trying to ollie, then causing them to get a bruise, cry themselves to sleep, wake up, then poop a little.

Longboarders do "tricks" where they step off their board and flip it with their hands. Not their feet, like in skateboarding. Then they jump back on and rejoice thinking they did something cool.

Doing tricks on longboards make you look like a dick. Like you actually have one...

In conclusion, get a skateboard.
longboarding is gay
by guitarsk8er804 November 18, 2010

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