mostly suburban area. bedroom communities. life centers around your car and it's functioning properly. culturally distinct from NYC and upstate in various ways. usually if someone was born and raised on long island, they say "Long Island" as opposed to "New York" when someone asks them where they are from. can be extremely boring. real real boring. big box retail and malls, like everywhere else in the united states. once you get past riverhead, it's all very very rural and sparsely populated. The Hamptons are like colonies of sorts ruled over by foreigners. not really considered part of Long Island proper by people who live there, but many people like to go there and look at things, celebrity watch, go to the beaches etc. there are many, many, many nice beaches. everywhere. did I mention cars? cars are everything. a very big part of the culture. I'm sure the population's median income mirrors much of the rest of the country. one of the largest problems Long Island is experiencing is retaining it's young people. a lot of young people can't afford to live there because of the zoning codes and limited amount of affordable housing and apartments, so they end up having to move to the city or somewhere else, or they continue to live with their parents well into their twenties and then move somewhere else.
long island = cars
by longgguylander August 18, 2011
A place where soulness, bitchy girls are raised.
Hey, look at that nice, sort of good looking guy. Let's talk shit about him and make sure we are close enough so he can hear. What a loser. We're from Long Island!
by justtryingtobefriendly December 13, 2009
Actually, people in Chicago refer to southern Illinois as DOWNSTATE, although they harber to same contempt as New Yorkers when they say Upstate.
Albany is in upstate New York. Springfield downstate from Chicago. Long Island is it's own fucking region so shut the fuck up brooklyn guy or else i'll fucking kill you.
by Steve March 16, 2005
Long Island is an island located to the east of Manhattan, stretching in the northeasterly direction. It is home to four counties, of which two -- Brooklyn and Queens -- are Boroughs of New York City. In political and cultural contexts, however, the name "Long Island" refers to the portion of the island occupied by the remaining two counties: Nassau and Suffolk.

One of America's most vivid examples of urban sprawl, Long Island was mostly rural until the late 1940's, at which time developers began radically transforming its landscape into what became an endless sea of cookie-cutter housing and strip malls. It is characterized by overcrowding, insane transportation costs and high property taxes. Although it is socioeconomically diverse, and serene rural scenery can still be found there by those who look very hard, it is a quintessential American suburb in that it combines the worst of the urban and rural worlds: all the crowding and expense of living in the city with none of the cultural sophistication or tolerance; all the dullness of the country, with none of the bucolic charm.

Long Islanders are known for their distinctive accent, which is best described as exceedingly nasal and guttural. For example "long" is pronounced "lawn'", "coffee" is "cawffy", and someone whose name is Mark would actually be called "Mawk".
My friends bought a house in Long Island, and now their tax payments are almost as high as their mortgage payments!
by SochiKid March 24, 2010
home to the second richest county per capita in the State of New York and the 10th richest in the nation.

we're rich bitchh $$$

steve: so youre from long island?
jessica: yeah, from nassau county actually
steve: ya' so paidddd

by ncbabyyy April 12, 2009
aka, Strong Island, Schlong Island, Bong Highland, New York City's retarded little brother. Long Island's "Diversity" consists of Guidos, Guidettes, Jappy bitches, and Wiggas. The small percentage of minorities reside in impoverished neighborhoods such as Hempstead or Freeport, which rich white people tend avoid like the plague. It should be noted white folks will shit a brick (or move) if someone ethnic looking moves into their neighborhood. Typical L.I. hobbies include doing plenty of drugs, standing idly on street corners, driving around in a nice car doing drugs, and going to the city because long island is devoid of any form of entertainment. Those who do not live off their parents strive to get off Long Island. It may a nice for city dwellers to visit but a lousy place to live.
Being Born and Raised on Long Island I gotta say it sucks.
by Jimbo Jonsey April 15, 2008
ya know what its really fucking ridiculous everybody is dissing long island! I was born and raised and is currently still living here for 18 years now. Long Island is a great place to live and for all you calling it ghetto, you dont fucking live here so shut the fuck up! Yeah there are some bad areas but everywhere in the world has bad areas so shut the fuck upp get that stick outta your ass and learn something about us! Were Long Island and we fucking kick ass <3 Hate on it
Girl 1: Oh you live on Long Island?
Girl 2: yeah i do
Girl 1: OMG I wish I lived on Long Island!
by Ninfa Julia October 30, 2007

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