A suburban hell hole with many malls, and 7-11's for these predominantly catholic and jewish teenagers to loiter in front of. Many kids who act big in front of a crowd and think their "my rules apply here" *looks up at sign 'Pelham Parkway'* and usually get their asses handed to them in a heart beat. Typical dumbfucks of this region could be best defined by Amy Fisher and that no talent, all american burger eating sack of shit Billy Joel
Hey Mikey I just saw the funniest shit.

Oh yea what?

I just saw two dumb blonde haired blue eyed wiggers get shot and robbed in fort apache.

Hahahaha....stupid naive fucking children of long island.
by George March 28, 2005
the place that is what people THINK New Jersey is like. The land of Guidos and Camaros.
Long Island is an evil place.
by MikeNJ December 20, 2005
Long Island is the Beverly Hills of the East. Long Island has people with big egos' and even bigger bank accounts. Old Westbury, Muttontown, Upper Brookville, Oyster Bay Cove, Brookville, Old Brookville,Mattinocock are just some of the neighborhoods with 10 cars per garage. Syosset, Jericho, and Roslyn have the hottest guys. Friends Academy is the private school to go to. Muttontown C.C., Glen Oaks, Fresh Medows, Pine Hollow, Old Westbury, and Engineers are the clubs to belong to. Sweats appeal, Lone Star, National are the stores to shop out.
If you live on Long Island you usually drive a mercedes, porshe, BMW, ferrari, Lambergini, Range Rover, or a cadillac. First cars are usually over 40,000. And you aren't cool if you don't own a jet. Girls that live on LI love the miracle mile, Everyone enjoys Hirschlifers and London Jewlers. Nobody needs to worry about getting fat becasue they all have their own personal trainers.
by Jericolvr July 03, 2006
Boringass suburbia, like New Jersey but more full of themselves and with less toxic waste. Long Island the island technically (and rightfully) includes the suburban hellholes known as Brooklyn and Queens which like to masquerade as part of NYC (ha!)
Yeah, right, like some Italian wigger who lives in some big house with a backyard in deadend Ozone Park lives in NYC...Hell will freeze over before anyone in Manhattan refers to Queens as the city!
by Johnny X. June 19, 2005
"upstate" has nothing to do with "north". It is a colloquialism for New York State outside of the city
Upstate Illinois actually refers to SOUTHERN Illinois because Chicago is up north.
by NYC February 27, 2005
wun uv tha many regions of upState New York, the others being West Chester/Rockomans, Katskille's, Pakipsey, Southerntier, Adorrondacke's, Buffelloe, and the Albeny (de capitol.)
when you go frum queens 2 nassua country you are suddonly in upState.. it all startz thaire. long island is thee strong islend.
by WoodsideMan081793 November 05, 2006
The armpit of New York State. Most residents pretend they are from the city, then go to the city and don't know the Bronx from the Battery.
The Bronx is up and the Battery's down...Long Islanders get the hell out of my town!
by Rizzoto January 06, 2005
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