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When the legging of a young wench does not fittith to the form of her nether regions.
sally forth good people of the long crotch, for it hath snown, and there is much chode to be had

look at that girls long crotch, she should get some tighter fitting jeans.
#crotch #long #nether #snown #wench #legging #young #chode
by flacid twat November 16, 2010
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to wear shorts very high waisted so it looks like you have a long crotch.
did you see lauryn what a longcrotch.
#long #crotch #penis #vagina #pants #asians #cats
by i'mawesomenoyournot June 26, 2010
a really skinny person who has a really long crotch area
That bathing suit must be made for a girl with long crotch because the waist is really skinny but its really long.
by The Dryer Sheets February 14, 2005
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