its the best city in the whole fucking World its located in the county of Los Angeles heavily populated by down ass Mexicans and surenos not crips and mayateshome to one of the most dangerous gangs in the nation the East Side Longo sur 13 gang
Snop Dogg and other rappers have made Long Beach famous but that dont mean that its taken by cripos or mayates us south side Mexicans run this place since the beggining
by Ese Stranger December 09, 2004
Australian cigarettes most people smoke
"Can i have a Long beach,Kim"
by kimmy booth May 15, 2005
A town in New York that feels embarassed every time its grouped together with Roslyn and Glen Cove.
The City: Fucking chump.

Long Beach: Nah, chill. Its not even like that.
#a #s #d #f #g
by poopsdfhsh December 30, 2005
Long Beach is a pretty cool place on Long Island, NY. It's not a wannabe Cali city.. its a unique place in itself. The kids are preppy jews, gangstas (spanish and black.. and even some wiggers) and then theres the christians who are the coolest in the bunch. Long Beach ppl surf and drink under the boardwalk and a lot of them smoke a healthy dose of marijuana. However, the fun ends with summer.. bc the climate is NY. Winter in Long Beach basically, blows.
snoop dogg does not represent Long Beach.. its more like, Jack Johnson
#pot #weed #bud #reefers #grass. ya know
by whaaaaaat September 26, 2005
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