a fart that the human race will never know the smell of, for nobody can smell their own fart. We will never have proof what it smells like. Does it smell bad? Does it smell like a garden of roses? Does it smell like cookie dough? The world will never know! Because when someone lets a lonesome fart pass between their buttcheeks nobody is around them to hear it. In other words, a lonesome fart is when you cut the cheese when nobodys around.
After the bean and burrito party had ended and all of the guests had left, Marissa let out a lonesome fart.
by Princess of Beans February 22, 2004
One who farts freely and wishes there was someone else with them so they could at least be embarrassed.
He was alone and gave a lonesome fart.
by Andrew Briggs January 31, 2004
the lonely cry of a turd
A lonesome fart is when your ass produces a sound similar to "EEEeeeeEEeeeeeeee...pfft"
by taintedcatharsis July 29, 2004

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