What you become when you have no one to love and no source of positive emotions.
I am becoming very lonely as I have lost 3 girls to freaken extroverts, and it is driving me crazy, to the point that animal I have become describes me. I am full of hatred and cold it is getting so bad that i am starting to go insane. If I had one person ot love in a mutual relationship, I would not be so lonely and losing my mind.
by decedebo December 20, 2008
The worst feeling in the world especially when the person who can fix it, is causing it on purpose.
You forgot about me and just left me here. I'm so fucking lonely!!!!!!!!
by luckyandmike July 05, 2009
One of the saddest feelings possible. It can be from not having a partner, not having friends, or not having either. A lonely person can be very sad, and won't have anyone to comfort them. It can be hard to break out of loneliness. Some people are lonely for years at a time, or maybe just one night.
He just moved away from home and has no friends, he must feel so lonely. Let's go talk to him!
by charlie23_ December 31, 2007
The feeling people get when they're in a place full of people they don't know
" I'm lonely..." ( muttering )
by LovethisAJ February 10, 2015

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