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l.o.m.o. lights out missionary only
Forget that lomo chick, I need a freaky bitch that will take shot in the eye.
by dirty snachez February 18, 2005
Cool Russian toy cameras.
"Lomos are known for their great colors and can expand your creativity with a great range of options."
by ZimZum November 25, 2004
lesbian homo, aka two girls who are really close friends and do weird gay shit together but aren’t really gay (or maybe they are), applies to guys too
Patrick stop touching christian's butt you lomo
by Class of 2013 May 15, 2016
An extremely low moment in one's life.
Hipster: "W' sup, man? I hear shit you were arrested for trying to steal a verruca sock from the chemist."
The Unfortunate: "Don't ask, man. That was a REAL LoMo."

Hipster: "Awww, man. I can't believe you spent the WHOLE morning picking up cigarette ends so that you'd have enough tobacco to offer that girl a smoke."
The Unfortunate: "I ain't proud, man. It was a LoMo".
by Princess Eugene November 20, 2011
when you have experinced the taste of somthing that is beyond compare,
Like when you eat a bacon samich with 8 pieces of bacon with a slice of cheeze and an egg. You say, man this mug was LO MO...
by toriano mac May 29, 2005
In using the same idea as MoFo, or "mother fucker," LoMo is short for "Lover from another mother." It is found in Northern California, primarily in Sacramento, and sometimes in the San Francisco area, also known as the "Yay" Area.

LoMo does not imply incest in anyway, but is in fact a compliment.
Friend 1: "What are you doing tonight?"
Friend 2: "Ah, ya kno braa, just hanging out with my LoMo."
by SACLOVR916 September 17, 2010
Abbreviation for the term "low mohawk", describing a rather trendy, new age hair style. Sported by such superstars as Robert De Niro and David Beckham.
Excuse me, sir, but you will have to leave the premises. The sign clearly states, "no lo-mo haircuts allowed".

Californian Panzy: "Hey can I get a lo-mo?"
Hairdresser: "What the HELL is that?!"
by G-Diddies January 10, 2007
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