Lick on my balls
Bitch lol! L.o.m.B!!!

Yooo dude! I let the bitch L.o.m.b
by Kryptonite The Great February 18, 2011
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lying on my bed
So I was lomb when he called me...
by elizabethannseton January 19, 2011
Chat/text message acronym meaning "laughing out my beverage" that is used to respond to a comment that is extremely funny.
McBad: My parents really hate my old school Cadillac Brougham, they try to get me to junk it anytime the slightest thing goes wrong with it.

Zanzibar: Yeah weird... but maybe it's because it's a big awkward gaudy piece of shit.

McBad: LOMB!
by philosopherguard March 06, 2015
Laying on my back
David was LOMB (Laying on my back) wanking whilst listening to Michael McDonald, Sweet Freedom
by bobknowsbest May 22, 2012
Stands for: Laugh Out My Bum

See also; lol, lmao, etc.
When he did that, I totally lombed.
by John H September 16, 2003

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