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Chat/text message acronym meaning "laughing out my beverage" that is used to respond to a comment that is extremely funny.
Senor McBad: My parents really hate my old school Cadillac Brougham, they try to get me to junk it anytime the slightest thing goes wrong with it.

Lord Zanzibar: Yeah weird... but maybe it's because it's a big awkward gaudy piece of shit.

McBad: LOMB!
by alphaxray August 12, 2015
lying on my bed
So I was lomb when he called me...
by elizabethannseton January 19, 2011
Laying on my back
David was LOMB (Laying on my back) wanking whilst listening to Michael McDonald, Sweet Freedom
by bobknowsbest May 22, 2012
Stands for: Laugh Out My Bum

See also; lol, lmao, etc.
When he did that, I totally lombed.
by John H September 16, 2003
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