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A prank of the most extraordinary kind executed by a guy named Bill Lomax.
Who took the wheel off my chair?! Oh no! I've been Lomaxed!
by Lomax Victim January 18, 2005
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A REALLY big, hard, possibly bum-tearing poop. The kind where you have more blood than poop on the tp for the first wipes.

A huge shit in both girth and length.
If you're not sure whether its a Lomax then ask yourself:

Does it break the surface of the water and disappear into the bottom of the bowl like some kind of brown iceberg? -Lomax

Are you bleeding prison style? -Lomax

Is it too wide to fit down the bowl? -Lomax

Are you screaming while pooing? -Lomax
by spronez March 19, 2011
A big eyed, four foot tall cretin
An example of lomax is Kevin or more colloquially known as the 'mev'. He is the greatest troll to have ever existed.
by Mevgabu October 24, 2011
He who is whipped.
Rebecca - Go get my laundry Lomax

Lomax - "Goes to get laundry"

Sode- Whipped like Toby
by Reprepa August 02, 2009
to boldly got to 11
he lomaxed that one di 'in he?
by chen chen August 14, 2003
A crazy person who only plays bg.
Look at the 33rd channel
by Jrc11 February 22, 2003
Tea Baggins (NOT j/k mate.)
by Anonymous July 27, 2003

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