Laugh out Loud with an x next to it for no apparent reason, maybe to symbolize the word extreme? I hate it when people say lolx.
XSefiros: that kid is a bastard.
Caladbolg: lolx!
XSefiros: dont say lolx, it sounds gay, man.
by XSefiros August 10, 2003
Top Definition
A deviated version of LOL, in which the X stands for absolutely nothing, other than the fact that it shows the typer's inability to spell or speak English.

The typer often thinks it makes them look cool by adding the unnessary X, more to the contrary, it makes them look like a total retard, with a mentality of a 12yr old.
powerrangerboy2234: heyyy!!!111 i am so kool lolx...
Billy: You must be 12.
powerrangerboy2234: OMG how do you noe?? lolx
Billy: From the way you're typing you freakin' retard
by The Black Jack October 17, 2006
Yet another word that takes its roots from "lol." The x has, contrary to popular belief, no earthly meaning whatsoever. Individuals that incorporate this term into daily usage are typically of drastically low intelligence and are the cause of all the world's problems. Mainly used by teeny boppers and other related sub-species.
Average Joe: So I just concocted the formula to cure cancer.

R3taRd t33ny B00p3r: lolx
by Silicone-Free Tits May 15, 2009
lol simply equals laughter.

lolx equals lol a lot..

in simpler terms
lol = ha
lolx = hahahahaha
dude1 : that girl just took a fall lolx
dude2 : lolx
by lolxMaster August 12, 2011
Laugh Out Loud with a side of X
by Anonymous December 02, 2002
Laugh Out Loud with an X factor
xXx: OmgLyke u mee3z luv <3
yYy: lolx
by Believe in Me October 02, 2004
A further evolution of lol, then into lolz, then into lolX.
The most Xtreme form of lol ever.
The "X" is capitalized in order for it to emphasize it's power.
Pronounced lol-cks.
Person 1: Trips, falls, breaks about 11 different bones.
Person 2: lolX!
by Montross January 25, 2009
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