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The concatenation of LOL (Laugh out Loud) and wtfbbq (See definition 1.

Its basically an experssion of vast bewilderment about something which you find amusing.
Fred: And thats when I got my ferret lodged in her ass.
by Payload September 01, 2005
Acronym for "Lots of luck with the forthcoming barbecue"

Origin : BGH
Bill : "I'm having a Barbecue of Sunday, wanna come along?"

Stan : "Sorry, I'm taking the family up to the river, but LOLWTFBBQ anyway!"
by shock. November 28, 2004
Laugh out loud, what the fuck, barbeque.
Billy: "Hello, what is up?"
Willy: "Lolwtfbbq."
by BrianNJ November 27, 2007
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