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A combination of 'laugh out loud' and 'rape'. Best implemented in situations where conversation has hit a silent lull or in an awkward silence.
Jenny: "But.. I thought you cared about me Billy and now you're leaving?!"
Billy: "... ahh lolrape."

Luke: "Guys.. I have some bad news. I've got cancer. I only have a couple of months."
The guys: "Awkward silence"
Barry: "Lolrape!"
by Paul = PK March 28, 2008
24 13
being raped by a clown or comedian. gender is largely irrelevant.
Jenny: OMG, I got raped. By a clown!

Hayley: That's not rape, that's LOLrape!

Jenny: You're right! LOL!
by captain_looge December 18, 2008
10 9