the word lol (laugh out loud) wit ness added on the end of it for special effect made up by me an used all around the country now **im 2 cool**
sam " hoody is a bi"
katy "lolness"
by ehh September 12, 2004
Top Definition
Used by people on the net who think adding ness to lol makes it funnier. They are fools. There are also such things as Lolish and Lolness which are similar in their stupidity.
Most people who use it say they made it up.
Person: Yeah he's so stupid it's hilarious!
Idiot: LOL OOH lolness
by Jedi Master Luna February 03, 2006
Lolness is the word lol
which means "laugh out loud"
it is describing lol as a ness
Dude: YO! that is so funny that that snail just had a wank with the turtle"
Dudette: lolness!
by CHAV INNIT. October 12, 2007
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