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an amalgamation of the highly demotic "lol" and "omg." pronounced "lol-my-god"
lolmg that was a great pun
a word conjoining LOL and OMG.
LOLMG that is hilarious!!
by katharinetelford. January 14, 2009
Laughing out loud and saying oh my god at the same time.
Not meant to be read like it's long form.
bob: Hey that fat kid just fell of his bike!
fred: lolmg!
bob: wtf is lolmg
fred: I heard it off of Urban Dictionary!
bob: Oh, ok...
by Jackson V June 12, 2007
Combination of lol and omg meaning Laugh Out Loud My God or Laugh Out Loud My Gosh.
You took up three pages in her yearbook?! lolmg
by dweebydude5 June 02, 2005
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